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Shapers of a wine culture

One of day for awareness, one day closer to a balance for better

International Woman’s day is firmly established for raising awareness across the globe for gender inequality, thus an excellent opportunity to focus on some of the emerging women of the Cyprus wine sector that are inspiring us today.

Living in an era that has been most transformative for the Cyprus wine sector, a lot of the focus has been given to product development in and out of the winery, winemakers education and generational change, have all been efforts of creating a culture of innovation.

For successful innovation to happen, we need the right culture – diverse and inclusive in a big way.

It is without a doubt that this organisational change is motivating on a financial dimension yet wineries as most agricultural dependent enterprises, are situated at the heart of an ecosystem that has a great social dimension.

As traditional as the roles still are for women in the sector, we can’t but recognise the advancements in all spectrums from vine growing, winemaking, hospitality and the wine trade in general.

Thus the ambition isn’t for gender equality just to be another set of actions to put into motion for reaching quotas.

We see inclusiveness and women recognition, as a purpose driven incentive to bring more visibility to an invaluable inheritance, which has women as a pillar shaping the local wine culture.

As such, we would like to highlight the immense strides undertaken by some recognizable but not limited to, being a winemaker, a designer, a manager, an owner, a partner and most of all, for being women with an active role for forging the culture ahead in a visible and inspiring way for all.

It’s International’s Women Day #BalanceforBetter

  • The Wine explorer

    Ms Yiannoulla may be short on stature, but with grandeur for her limitless drive in pioneering winemaking in Cyprus.

  • The Wine Siblings

    The wine sisters at Argyrides is living proof that wine can grow on you, a complicity for passion and perpetuating a legacy

  • The Wine Manager

    No feat is too small in the capable hands of Olvia Haggipavlu while having to forge ahead the destiny of a group of companies.

  • The Wine Partner

    Marleen, the wine communicator, a cohesive and vibrant force along trailblazing winemaking at Zambartas.

  • The Wine Designer

    The flair of a reflexive yet outwardly expressive mind, Kristina embodies the delicate craft of creations that leave a mark.

  • The Winemaker

    How much does it takes to hold one's own ground? Aphrodite, as a Xynisteri sorceress, stands equally among peers, no easy task.