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oenoart photo contest

Supporter OenoArt Wine Photography contest

Days for awareness, one picture at a time to express our wine culture

The WiM supporter association Oenoart in collaboration with the PHOTO Art Photography team are organizing a wine photography competition.

The aim is to have an exhibition of photos showing if possible the whole cycle of wine, starting from the vineyard, going to the winery, the barrel, the bottle and finally to the glass.

Contest Title: Vineyard – Wine – Man

We ask for photos of vineyards, vineyard work, photos of the winemaking process, wine storage either in bottles or barrels for aging, consumption at social or other gatherings….more (see rules)

Prizes: 1st prize of 250 €, 2nd prize of 150 €, 3rd prize of 100 €.

In collaboration with: Photo Art

Photo Contest: Rules of participation