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Once a sommelier, always a sommelier

He transcended wine and sommellerie. He had a gift: he could touch other people, inspire them to be better, to believe they could achieve more, and to fight for their dreams.  As the ASI family gets ready for the 16th edition of the ASI Best Sommelier of the World contest next month, in Antwerp.

Never give up, and to always keep learning and improving

Although he certainly wasn’t one to flaunt, Gérard Basset accumulated an unbelievable list of accomplishments, awards and recognition, over a forty-year career that saw him start as a dishwasher before climbing all the steps to the very top of his profession.

More on his trajectory and tribute

It’s only fitting that on the verge of the verge of upcoming world competition for sommeliers in Antwerp, Gerard will not only be remembered but expect the whole ASI family to render the most heartwarming homage to a great person.