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Wine moves through relationships between people

Creating spaces for information exchange, tastings, emotions, at times, is what for me is the part of the iceberg that sometimes below the water. One sees the tip of the iceberg, but underneath there is a mass of things that happen that are same or more important. In the news the winner of the contest always comes out, but to me, as president of ASI, I’m interested are the hundreds and thousands of sommeliers who are studying all day to try to be better professionals and win in their regional or national competitions to try to get to an international competition and come to the world cup or to a Best contest Sommelier of Europe.

Valladolid, Spain 24.01.2020

In preparation of the Best Sommelier competition of Europe and Africa to be celebrated in Cyprus in November 2020, ASI president Andrés Rosberg offered an insightful take on the evolution of the  association and the role of sommeliers in the diffusion of a culture of wine across territories and cultures.

Interviewed by the Union of Spanish Sommeliers (UAES) and as active member of the representative committee for preparing sommelier competitions, Andrés Rosberg remarked how ASI, since the early days since its foundation 50 years ago, has endured in promoting the role of sommeliers for a dynamic and interrelated culture of wine. While the Best Sommelier competition in Cyprus expects to welcome representations from up to 42 countries, the training and preparedness, keeps increasing year in year out.

He also stressed that sommeliers today keep creating themselves a special space in gastronomy pivotal for culture and democratization of wine through an idea of service, both for the customer and the trade, as the human link that makes the wine move across people.

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