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10 years carrying the educational message and benefits of moderate consumption while reducing the risks of alcohol-related harm. Every wine serving business and individual needs to stand up to the commitment and meet the challenges of the Wine in Moderation Mission: Enriching local culture for the enjoyment of wine in a convivial, healthy and sustainable way.

The Wine Matters

Wine evolves as part of life, culture, and diet. It emerges today as a cultural complement to food and conviviality compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

The invaluable association of wine with gastronomy, history, tradition, origin, local quality products, highlights a cultural appreciation that also recognizes the health dangers and the negative social and economic consequences that can be caused by the misuse of alcoholic beverages.

Today’s culture of wine promotes responsible and moderate consumption of wine, and we all have a role to play to ensure that moderation remains as part of a modern, sustainable and healthy lifestyle for generations to come.

When we started the Wine in Moderation journey, nobody really knew where it would take us. It was the clear vision, the strong values and the dedication of our people that led the programme to gradually become the wine sector's international reference in social responsibility. Stylianos Filopoulos, Director, WiM Association


Join the wine in moderation family
and a community of wine ambassadors that inspire to fully enjoy wine in a healthy and sustainable way.

Aiming for a Sustainable Wine Culture

It’s in all our interest to build on a meaningful wine culture, if you’re a wine business with concerns or a producer with answers, WiM works as a nexus to help you grow, staying relevant while facing changing customer needs.

Joining as a member of WiM you’re driving the value of enjoying wine in convivial, healthy and sustainable way; tangible actions that help customers understand the benefits of moderate consumption.

As we look and move forward into the future, to new challenges and consumer values, a word of thanks to all who have walked together with us on this path thus far, and a word of welcome to those who will join us on the march to keep the culture of wine alive and stronger than ever!``
Joining a Movement
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Wine in Moderation Scope

Live the wine life in moderation


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